Lauritzen Gardens

Lauritzen Gardens is a living museum of four-season plant displays, maintained through environmental stewardship. It provides memorable educational and aesthetic experiences for all.

Lauritzen Gardens is uniquely positioned as the region’s premier botanical center and garden resource.  Centrally located in the heart of the United States and situated on 100 acres of lush grounds, the garden exemplifies visionary efforts to provide a quiet, tranquil and serene setting for the study, preservation, and pure enjoyment of some of the region’s most precious resources and flora. Beginning with a grassroots effort to build a garden for the Omaha community, the garden has quickly become a regional destination and has substantiated its position as a major Omaha-area attraction. 

Today, more than twenty themed gardens invite guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Nebraska landscape. At Lauritzen Gardens, a diverse palette of plant life combines with fine art, architectural components and water features to create an incredible sensory experience. The grounds change with the seasons and are open year-round for exploration and enjoyment.

 In addition to horticultural displays that inspire, events that entertain and educational programs that cultivate minds of all ages, the garden works to conserve the endangered plants of the Great Plains and to advance the understanding and stewardship of the region’s biological diversity.

Lauritzen Gardens is a non-profit organization sustained by the generosity of its members and friends. A tax-deductible gift of any size helps the garden connect people with plants and the beauty of living landscapes. Support the garden's efforts and contribute today!